CISU - Civil Society in Development is an independent association of 280+ Danish Civil Society Organisations (CSOs). All members are together with partners actively engaged in development work in Asia, Africa, Latin America or Eastern Europe - either as their main engagement or as part of their activities.




Strong popular organisations and communities working together to secure people’s rights, promote global justice and sustainability, and combat the causes of poverty.



CISU supports Danish organisations’ work, both nationally and globally, for a just and sustainable world. CISU is a platform for knowledge sharing and exchange of experiences. We build capacity, foster mutual learning and new thinking, and strengthen popular participation in development cooperation. We manage public funds and seek to secure resources for a diversity of organisations and interventions. CISU champions the common interests of its member organisations and the space for civil society work.



CISU's strategy for 2018-21 aims at supporting our members' capacity, opportunities and interventions.


Download CISU's strategy here.

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